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Dancing to the Rhythmn of Heartbreak (Official Music Video) - CANEK
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Canek is a Franco-Mexican singer/songwriter, with an overwhelming passion for classical and pop music. Since the early age of thirteen, he has participated in international tours with his french school choir Les Chanteurs du Lycée. He is also part of the baroque duet Anima Anticua and has engaged in numerous plays and musicals such as The Portrait of Dorian Gray. 


After finishing a Bachelor of Arts in musicology (France), Canek explored continuously his extensive background in classical music with his first EP “Lamento” (April 2021). Canek is currently evolving from the dark-pop mainstream sound on his second EP “Dancing to the Rhythm of Heartbreak” into a more funky/disco vibe with his upcoming single GROOVIN’; a collaboration with the music collective Polyphonic Exophilia. 


"It is almost impossible to describe Canek, he is too eclectic, innovative and original for comparisons to be made” - The Other Side Reviews



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